• Ok heres my situation. I've got a fat boy PS2 39001 model. A while back i noticed that when ever i would turn it on and put a game in it, it would a low pitched buzzing noise and then stop. At that point it still let me play the game. After a while it worsened when it started to scratch my disks in a circular paterern through out the whole disk. Not long after that it stoped playing the games altogether and it makes the same buzzing noise whenever i open or close the disk holder and when it begins to read the disk, then it stops and displays the message "Disk Read Error". Anyone got any thoughts on how to fix it?
  • Your lens on the reader has gone out of alignment. There are several places to be found with a Google search for "realign PS2 lens" that could help remedy the situation.

    You will have to take the top off the PS2 in order to follow their instructions- personally, unless you are very sure of what you are doing I would not recommend this. We've seen several people that have taken the top off for whatever reason and somehow knock a cable loose, rendering the system completely dead. I would prefer you find someone that has some experience in these sorts of things and have them look at it.
  • Ok ty vm uve been a big help