Playstation network error
  • I have owned a ps3 since christmas and i've been able to play it up until a month and a half ago. I have a satellite internet with a wireless router, and now I keep getting playstation network errors when I test the connection. The odd thing is I can connect to the internet with no problem, surf the net and such but other than that the games just will not play online. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  • try getting the system update to 1.51 you can find it in the system settings
  • i've already done the update
  • can you connect a ethernet cable to your wireless router?
  • That might be an idea, try using a wired connection to the PS3. The wireless card in the 60 GB is, from numerous accounts, not the best piece of equipment.

    Also, satellite internet is not the best way to connect for online game play- there is an extra bit of latency as the signal bounces back and forth that can result in lag.