Missing Janeybobs found!!
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    Yey!!!I know ive been away like forever but have been sooo busy i just dont know what day it is!!All the wedding stuff i thought was sorted until i actually sat down and made a list and had a major panic!!The house has been a bombsite becuase of the stoopid workmenWork has been hard - more and more stuff piled on me and have also been trying to sort out jobs for when we move after the wedding.
  • and just when I was starting to get used to the quiet.........! ;)
  • Jane!! haha, well your tarzan of a fiancee hasn't caused TOO much ruckus...yet.;)

    A coworker of mine has been telling me her wedding woes. She is getting married in a week...and she's had to plan it all in two months!! Imagine that!! Take your planning on day at a time though. By the time you two tie the knot it'll be worth the wait and stress.

    Congrats on the gym thing. I really wanna go to the gym, but with school starting again, I'm hard pressed for money. So, my "gym" workout is gonna come from karate! Woot woot!

    Oh and carrots rock! Glad everything is well for ya!