Need advice on Syphon Filter Two Disc One
  • :mad: On the level when you start out at the beging of a bridge and your looking at a commander and another milatay personel and disarm four c-4 devices. I just cant beat the first part of either disarming the c-4 or elimanting the commander.:mad:
  • To take care of your first two objectives here (find the silenced weapon and kill the commander) go to the right part of the bridge without being seen and then drop down and he'll grab the ledge of the bridge. Use the hand over hand technique and when you see the first jeep on the bridge pull up and then get in the road and crouch. Go around the jeep to the back of the big truck and get the Silenced Sniper Rifle and Nerve Grenade. First checkpoint is met and now you must get back on the bridge ledge and go left back to where the commander and other guy is. Equip the gas grenade and throw it at these 2 and the timer comes to a halt and another checkpoint is met.

    Now, the C-4 charges. go up the bridge a small ways to the first truck once the guards pass by and hug the right side of the truck. Go to the front of the truck and then go to the left side of the bridge ledge and use the hand over hand technique also. You'll eventually see some red led flashing lights under you when you pass over the bridge using the hand over hand. Drop to the first one you see and stand in front of it. A new objective is added and you reach another checkpoint after disarming the C-4 with your triangle button and now 3 C-4's remain. Use hand over hand a small ways until you can drop a bigger one here but don't worry he'll make it. Drop here and use the crouch button and make your way to the middle of the bridge scaffolding, and fall a small ways to more scaffolding below. Turn around making sure you're crouched and there is a guard to the right side near the edge of the bridge so equip your knife for this.

    Crouch and walk to him or near him and use the knife on him and he plummets off the large bridge. Disarm this explosive charge and you will be at your next checkpoint. Now the guy in the back part of the right side of the scaffolding that's still on your level needs to be rid of. Equip your silenced rifle and wait for it to say head shot and fire away. Even if you miss don't worry since this is a silenced gun he won't hear it anyways. Head to where you fell from the side of the bridge and use hand over hand again to make it a small ways to where Gabe can fall again and now land on this part of the scaffolding. Land where the guy you killed with the silenced rifle was and take his ammo. Now disarm the bomb and you will be at another checkpoint.

    One more C-4 To go now so drop down 1 scaffoldings to saftey and then go back up the bridge and use the hand over hand technique. Make your way over to the first closest scaffolding drop and land here. Now drop down another scaffolding and to the back right of this section is another gaurd so crouch to get a head shot and this one is clean and even. Head back up the bridge and use hand over hand again one set of scaffolding and then drop down. Here you must drop down 2 scaffoldings to reach the last C-4 in the corner.