tomb raider legend
  • how do i get out of bolvia in the part where you have to push the boxes please help me
  • You're at the bit near the end with the two crates down in the shallow water, i take it?

    After you drag the box that is on the upper level near the switch there (don't put it on yet) go down into the shallow water and take care of the leopards. Take the box that is on the right- hand side and drag it over to the other, where the stone thing holding the other crate is. Now go to the box that is under the stone and drag that out, making the long stone drop down to form a ramp.

    Drag a box onto the tip of the ramp and go back up to the upper floor onto the center piece. Jump onto the raised end of the ramp to catapult the crate up to your level. Do the same thing again with the last crate and then put all 3 onto the pressure plates.

    Once you have that done your path to the big door you just unlocked is along the wall to its left when looking at it. Climb up the chain and be ready to shimmy along some ledges to get over.
  • thanks for the tip:)
  • Okay you give me the tip for tomb raider legend in bolivia how do I get to the door after putting the boxes on the squares.
  • After getting the door unlocked you will have to do some climbing. There is a chain to your left when facing the door. After a bit of climbing and shimmying along narrow ledges you'll get there (along with swinging on some poles).