How To Update The PlayStation 3 Firmware
  • Thought this would be a good time to get a quick tutorial up on how this is done.

    Firmware updates are install programs Sony will be putting out to increase the abilities of the PlayStation 3 as well as fix any potential flaws. There are several ways to get these firmware updates- download and install directly on the PlayStation 3, download the firmware update on your PC and put it on a memory stick or thumb drive to install from there, or the update will be included with the newest games.

    The easiest method is to download the update right on your PlayStation 3. In the Settings menu, right at the top, is System Update. Select this and when asked tell it to Update Via Internet. The PS3 will then check for any updates. If it finds one the download will begin. The average size of these updates will be in the range of 100 MB so it may be an idea to do something else for a few minutes while it downloads.

    Once the download is finished it will ask you to hit X on the controller to start the install. The system will restart and ask you to connect the controller with the USB cable and hit the PS button. The screen that shows up should say Firmware Update with the version number and at the bottom you will see X to start the install. Hit X and you see a software agreement- hit right on the D-Pad until you get to "agree or do not agree". Select agree to start the install. Again, this will take a few minutes. When it is done you will hit X to restart the system. A quick reboot and you are done and ready to check out the new stuff.

    Method 2, in case the first method isn't available to you, suffices just as well. Sony's web sits usually update with the new version somewhere through the day it is released. North American PS3 owners can check for the updates at the official site. Just click the Download Now button beside the picture of the PlayStation 3 to download (be sure to save it where you will remember- on the desktop will work nicely). I will add the link for a UK/ European download when it becomes available.

    Now, to get the update onto the PS3 you will need to use either a flash memory card, a thumb drive or (if you have one) the PlayStation Portable. Insert whatever you happen to decide to use and bring that up in a window on the computer. You will need to make a couple of folders on here. Just right- click on an empty space in the window and select new, then Folder. Name this folder PS3. Next, doubleclick that to go into the folder and make another, calling it UPDATE (it must be in all caps to work). Now just click and hold onto the Update file you downloaded and drag it into the UPDATE folder.

    The next bit is pretty much the same as I described above with one small difference. Turn on the PS3 and insert the device of choice into the PS3. Go to System Update as I described above but this time choose "Update via external device". If you have the folders made correctly the PlayStation 3 will see the update and start the process. Once the install is complete you can remove the device and take the update off, freeing up space for the next time.

    Method 3- the game discs. If there is an update on a game disc and the PS3 sees it is a more recent version than what you are using now the system will tell you it's found a later version of the firmware. Just follow the onscreen instructions to get updated and playing.

    This pretty much covers it- it may sound complicated but it is very simple. Those of us with PlayStation portables are familiar with the routine already. Hope this helps, feel free to ask any questions in this section of the forums. B)
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