ps2 dropped, now it will not load
  • Hello,
    My PS2 slim dropped about 2 or 3 feet today. It had a disc spinning at the time. I cannot do anything now except go into startup. No disc will spin. I have had the console for approximately 4 to 6 weeks now and I am not sure what the warantee is. Can any one advise me as to what I should do? Should I open it up and explore?

    I will certainly appreciate any help.

    Steve:( :confused: :g:
  • The standard warranty from Sony on new PS2s is 90 days from purchase so you are still within that window. Do NOT open it up. Contact Sony via their tech support number (found in the manual) and talk to them about getting an exchange for another unit. Just don't go into too much detail as to how it broke. ;)
  • Thanks for the quick reply. Now I have to see if I still have the sales receipt as I don't think that I sent in the warranty.