Another PSP Glitch maybe???
  • For some reason, my psp occasionally has a spell when it wont stay in the screen i selected. When Im in the usb connection screen transferring info, it automatically switches to the main screen, like i pressed the back button, cancelling my transfer. When Im in the music section, i have a list of songs and when i select one and it starts playing, the screen toggles back and forth between the song playing and my list of songs like im holding down a button. When im playing a game, it keeps asking me if i want to exit the game, even after clicking no. Again, these problems dont occur all of the time, but it has been happening alot more as of late. What do u think could be causing this to occur? I checked all of my buttons and none are stuck and most of the time when it is acting up, i set it down to make sure im not accidentally hitting a button......PLEASE HELP!!!
  • The button may not be stuck but it sounds like something is amiss with the contact below it. If you have had the PSP less than a year I would suggest contacting Sony's tech support and talk to them about getting it repaired or replaced- there is a one year warranty on the PSP from date of purchase. The number to call will be found in the user guide that came with it.