• where is Couscous.? in what village and or house? what is it that trent the tree fairy is asking for and where can i find it? I have the water connected and odd shaped flute already. when i go back in it says use with ...
    what ever this is will make it stop talking gibberish and let me talk to trent to get the sword.
    thank you for all the time you are spending with me, so far the answers have not worked yet but i know you will help me figure this out. i have been telling everyone about this web site i think its just great! never knew somthing like this exsisted.
  • All part of the service. BTW, you can put further questions about Dark Cloud in your original thread found in the PS2 game help section instead of here- easier to keep everything in one place. B)

    CousCous should be found in Matataki Village, where you will rebuild his house (if you haven't yet).