Yes, Yes, YES!!!!
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    Published: 3/2/07, 8:05 PM EDT

    NEW YORK (AP) - Those Geico "cavemen" shouldn't be so upset after all - they may get their own television series. ABC said Friday it had ordered a pilot for a comedy, tentatively titled "Cavemen," that features the characters used in a series of ads by the insurance company.

    In the ads, cavemen appear insulted by a Geico pitchman's claim that the company's Web site is so easy to use that "even a caveman can do it."

    The potential series, one of 14 pilots that will be produced by Touchstone Television this spring, features the cavemen as they "struggle with prejudice on a daily basis as they strive to live the lives of normal thirty-somethings in 2007 Atlanta."

    It's unusual for characters from an advertising campaign to move into shows of their own, but not unprecedented. The CBS comedy "Baby Bob" featured a talking baby that had been used in several advertisements, according to Daily Variety.

    The advertising copywriter who helped create the "cavemen" ads is writing the pilot, the studio said.

    A pilot order is no guarantee a show will make it on the air; in fact, the majority of pilots don't make it that far.

    OMG. OK, I've never been excited about commercials, but that was before I saw the Geico Insurance "Caveman" commercials. They have little to do with car insurance, but that doesn't matter. It's all about the cavemen.

    This is the greatest news ever written. I know I'm not the only one excited about this... I just know it will make it into TV production.

    *NOTE: I have no idea if people outside the U.S. get these commercials, but if you don't live in the U.S., search for "geico caveman" on youtube. I have no doubt that you'll find a thousand videos of their commercials. They are priceless*

  • This has bad idea written all over it. Even if it does get the green light I see it lasting no more than half a season before getting the hook.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    This has bad idea written all over it. Even if it does get the green light I see it lasting no more than half a season before getting the hook.

    :frown:. Lots of bad ideas get green lighted. The next season of "The Simple Life" featuring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie is only months away... so why couldn't a show about cavemen make it onto television!?

    I love the idea. It's so goofy that it just might work.

    Need I also remind you of the TV show called "The Mullets" -> img src="" border="0" />

    ... that was about a family of mullet-haired people? Yeah, that made it onto television. So there. Take that.
  • WOW, i might have to tune into that wene in come on? thats crazy though, guess he has nothing to complain about anymore
  • UPN would put just about anything on tv (kinda the poor man's Fox network).

    You mention The Simple Life in your examples- honestly, if I had to choose between seeing the caveman or Paris Hilton on my tv I know what my choice would be. ;)
  • I am interested to see how this pans out. They have a multitude of good directions to go with this, but they also have a multitude of bad ones.