noone can help me
  • i cant get any help on this all i need to know is the location of the raptor to destroy the second back up generator
  • No one? didn't know that you had such confidence in your tough questions. Heh, heh. Well head onto town.2. The Raptor you are looking for is on the downhill slant, where you found the Sniper. You can find more Sniper ammo at the same place. Next to the Sniper box is the Raptor you want. Approach it to trigger ADA's AI system. She will
    then send it to EPS.2 on auto-pilot. Once it arrives, you will get to experience being the bad guy! Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • If I remember right, the little intro at the start of the level shows you the robot lying dead on the hill. I must admit I flew past it about 5 times because I didnt know what it looked like ;)