Big, almighty sword!
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    Sooo, last night I got that Sword of kings and earned my second esper (finally!).

    So, all my characters are now like Lv43 ish (42-44). Took me like forever that did.

    Although, it was worth it, because I defeated that Trickster - The Glowing White Chocobo. Hardest part was finding the thing. I mean I tell ya, only a 30% chance of showing up? I never thought I'd find it.
  • Congrats on the sword of Kings Jay. I gotta say though, it doesn't particular act as big and almighty as it might sound.

    By the time I got it, I had better weapons on all my team mates so I never used it.:D

    Oh great, seasons!?? I can see it now. I'll have to force the children of the Sims two game inside because they will have the urge to splash in puddles instead of study.:eek:
  • To be honest, Mel, I haven't used the sword either. I've got Vaan and Balthier using the Icebrand which has like 65 Atk, Fran and Ashe using the er GreatBow I think it is, the one with er 60odd or 70odd Atk, Basche has some kind of Hammer with Atk of about 70ish, and Penelo has a Crossbow with again about 70odd Atk.

    Ooh, got my first two hidden espers last night as well. From Shrine of Miriam is it? Where you get the Sword of Kings from, and the Esper that's in the Zertinan Caverns.
    Speaking of which, aren't those fiends hard to wup? My characters are quite high now and yet it STILL takes like three or four hits to kill the monsters in Zertinan Caverns :o

    As for Seasons; I had another, proper, go on Sunday. It snowed, yay! :D and it snowed, and it snowed and it snowed and it... Well you get the idea. I've set the seasons as Winter, Winter, Summer, Summer. So loads more snow to come, then a sudden heatwave as if from nowhere? :confused:
    It's a pretty cool expansion pack, you should get it Mel. It's much better than certainly Pets. Possibly the best expansion yet. I like making snowmen and snowangels.