Dynasty warriors 3
  • Post anything about Dynasty Warriors 3. Can anyone tell me the best level to build up my characters? Thanks. :thumbsup:
  • Hello, I was wondering is this game worth getting?
  • Most definetly. If you enjoyed the
  • I am still waiting to get this game...wonder when will it be released here...and after looking through your PM, it seems that DW3 has improved alot. some sites mention that the pop-ups and fade ins are still a major problem. But in DW2, it never bothers me that much. The fast flowing action just made up for this flaw. I am looking forward to this game but hasn't seen any official PAL release date...:(
  • I don't think that the popups or fade-ins are too bad. Sure they're there but honestly when there's 100 guys in a tiny area you're going to have some problems. Doesn't really hurt the gameplay though. :D
  • Some sites mention about the battle of Chi Bi. There's sort of a "Matrix" feeling to it...which was not intended... :D I heard that you can transfer the data you have in DW2 to DW3 right? That will safe some time from unlocking all the generals.
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    Some sites mention about the battle of Chi Bi. There's sort of a "Matrix" feeling to it...which was not intended... [/b][/quote]
    I'm not sure what this means really. I didn't really experience anything different about it. Nothing to worry about. It is true that you can use your DW2 save to unlock DW3 characters. This sucked to me because the characters it unlocked in DW3 were either supposed to be unlocked in a different method or weren't the same characters you already unlocked. For example, instead of Xiahou Yuan and Zhang Liao (which I had unlocked in DW2) being unlocked, new characters Zhang He and Zhen Ji were unlocked and Xiahou Yuan and Zhang Liao were actually supposed to be unlocked another way. Extremely confusing when I first started playing. The thing that sucks is that if you've unlocked a lot of people in DW2, it knocks down the number of characters to unlock. I guess it kinda ruins the surprise of the unlocks. It is really easy to unlock some characters also. Like Gan Ning. All I did was defeat him at He Fei with Xiahou Yun and BOOM! there he was in my character ring. It's just really too easy to unlock some characters. Still a great game though. :thumbsup:
  • I think that what he means by the "Matrix" feeling is that when the frame rate slows down because of the number of ememies on screen and the game goes in to slow motion, its pretty cool actually.
  • I thought that was what he meant. The "matrix" feeling in Chi Bi is not any worse or better than in any other level. It's not that bad, at least I didn't think so. There's not a lot of enemy buildup in Chi Bi. The worst level for enemy buildup is a new battle called "The castle at He Fei". Thanks for clearing that up Patman.
  • Glad to hear that the "Matrix" feeling is not that bad... :D
  • I dont know if its the same level but my game kept slowing down on the level where you have to attack Cao Cao's castle (the one where Cao Cao sends a sneak attack to your base led by the big blue guy with a spear and funny hat).
  • Demi, you are talking about Guan Du. Yes the enemy buildup is rediculous and the slow down is horrible in a lot of spots. Patman, you are talking about He Fei. I never really experienced that bad of a slow down on that level. ??? I think the guy you're talking about is Zhang Liao. I am currently trying to beat DW2 as Zhang Liao. The best is Dian Wei. He is unstoppable. The best in DW3 so far is Dian Wei also, but there is a guy of Shu named Pang Tong. He is just another general in DW2 but you can unlock him in DW3. It's funny because he acts like he's stoned all the time. :thumbsup:
  • I thought it was my eyes with the slowdowns
  • To unlock Zhang Liao in DW3 you have to beat with somebody from Wu on a certain level, I forget which one. I unlocked Gan Ning and it was easy and to unlock Zhang Liao is exactly the opposite. In DW3 they compare Zhang Liao and Gan Ning.