rhonda and malcolm
  • hi we are a mum and son team. we play the psone and we love the game tombi, spyro, ape escape, crash bandicote. i see it as time spent together. malcolm is 7yrs old and he always beats me at all the challanges but we have alot of fun together. :p:cool:
  • Hi and welcome, hope you have fun here, and most of the timethe staff is quick to answer any questions! I used to be a REal big fan of crash, but the games just kinda faded away, and as I grew I kinda started to lean towards racing, and rpgs.
  • Old School Crash games are awesome. I liked them until they went past their third game. Now im a Final Fantasy Fan.

    Welcome aboard, were glad to have you! :)
  • Geeze I am way late on this, I need to shake out the cobwebs....:redface:

    It is always great to see a parent sharing the gaming bound with their child, it shows that gaming need not be "nerds only" territory. So welcome aboard, hope you find us to be a helpful friendly bunch :D
  • Hi ronda and malcolm!!!!!!!!

    Its cool to see you guys on here and hope you have fun!!
  • Go, Rhonda and Malcolm! It sounds like you're having a great time with it, and that's what it's all about.

    If you ever need Spyro help, gimme a shout. I used to know those games pretty well.
  • Wow, a mother and son team. Thats really awesome! Finally a mother who can simply appreciate that kids love playing games, and making the best of it by making it time they can spend together. Very impressive.

    Welcome and enjoy!
  • Man, I wish I had my family interested in videogames. Sadly I'm the only one. I envy you two.;) Welcome both Rhonda and Malcolm! Nice to have ya'll here!

    Don't be afraid to ask questions if you've got any! We're here to help you out as best we can.