• hi i guess if i ask this question in enough places i will strike the right place; how do i get the mermaids scale to open the closed clamshell in the game tombi 2. thanks :huh:
  • When you get the gold fishhook and give that to the fisherman he will give you the mermaid scale.
  • we have spent 3 years looking for the gold fishhook! the fisherman gets us to unhook it off the building early in the game but the fisherman did not give us the mermaid scale, when we talk to him again he says he has lost his golden fishhook. we cant find it anywhere to give to him again. do you know where it is?
  • I don't remember exactly but I believe it is stuck on or in one of the building nearby where the fisherman is.

    Some extra info: hit all the barrels in the Fisherman Town and Waterfall Of the Heavens to get them red side up. This will make the golden fishhook appear.
  • hi i dont know if i already replied this site is hard to work out but then i am old. i want to know where the fishhook is? early in the game we unhooked it for the fisherman off the building but we did not get a mermaids scale for that task and when we talk to the fisherman again he says he has lost his gold-fishhook now. for three blooming years we been trying to find the fishhook! please tell me you know where it is?:redface: :confused:
  • WOW!! i going to go and try that right now. thankyou, thankyou so much
  • Look just above this for some extra info, Rhonda. :) Once you get those barells red- side up in Town of The Fisherman and Waterfall Of The Heavens it should be seen on a red- roofed building nearby where the fisherman wanting it is.