Tornadoes in Columbus Georiga??
  • Well i was at work just hangin out with some friend, wene we started getting tornadoe alarms, it was really wierd the storm kind of circled the airport, from the taxi ramp, we could actually see tornadoes coming in and out of the sky, but it was crazy wish i had a camera, but i have some friends i can get some pictures from hopefully soon, but on one road which development has taken a boom, half an eckerds was blown away along with hotels, that have been open for less than a month, a mcdonalds almost leveled, stores just ripped apart, a brand new mercedes benz dealer brand new car shipped in for their grand opening, last week over half the cars = totaled, in some neighborhoods, upper stories of house were missing, and through one neighbor hood which used to live in was ripped to pieces, in that neighborhhod my bosses housea tonadoe went acroos the top of his house, ripping his roof off, putting trees through his house, thats just part of the disastrous action of the storm. buut i bought the game D1 Proffesional Drift Grand Prix Series, the is hard but it makes it fun, it been forever since ive played a racing game, that gives a challenge, the gameplay is extremely awesome, the drifting experince is to die for.