How to download movies in our psp
  • how do i download a movie in my psp,

    like i connect my usb cable to the pc, than i put the cd in the dvd rom than i copy the movie, than i an paste it in the movie folder put when i check the video folder in my psp there it is writen ``no tracks to view" so please tell me what should do? :unsure: please reply me as soon as you can

    thanking you,


  • In order for a movie file to work on the PSP it must be properly named and put in the right folder. The method you are using simply will not work.

    What you will need is a program to convert the movie into the right format- I suggest either PSPVideo9 or buying Sony's Media Manager. A quick Google search will find you more information on both.
  • thx its good info atleast i can watch house of a thousand corpse on my psp now