007 Agent Under Fire
  • I've read about a bonus Single Player mission for Agent Under Fire called Orchid Research Facility.
  • to unlock the extra level you need to get platinum and over 200K on each level. :laugh3:
  • sorry, but the above is not true. :mad:
  • Thanks for correcting that,jzeds.It's nothing new for people to make up things like that for games just for cheap laughs.
  • I have also heard that getting platinum medals will open up extra levels. If this is not true, what is the point on earning these medals (other than unlocking stuff) if you do not get anything else. Another curious thing is that when you do get to the last level and you are able to select levels 1-12, why is there an empty block next to level 12 - Evil Summit and why does it not let you move (scroll) from level 12 direct to level 1 without scrolling left through all of them. All this suggest that there is an extra level, weird ...hey ?

    Can anyone whos completed 007 : Agent Under Fire please confirm that EVIL SUMMIT is the last level in the game and that no extra levels are available.

  • I've heard conflicting stories on some other msg board.