Might be a n00b question..
  • *Please dont criticize..* Hey everyone, i was wondering if there was anyway to get free playstation one games on my psp while on firmware 3.11.I think i might be possible if someone downloaded it from the store and like shared it kind of lol. Thanks for your help in advance.:D
  • It would be possible if you knew someone with a PlayStation 3 and had already downloaded a game for their own PSP. However, I really can't see too many people wiling to do that considering the price of the games. My advice? Don't be a cheapskate and pay for the game downloaded from someone's PS3. :p
  • lol actually i do have a ps3 but its just the long downloading time that i hate.I thought someone who had more time on their hand and have downloaded the games all ready had them all on their pc somewhere wich they could simply share with me :) Its cool tho

    p.s. thanks for not being a d*** about it, other forums have people being meanin them like if they live with tree branches indulged in their a**:eek: