problems with games recognizing memory cards
  • I have two memory cards: a mad catz and some unnamed blank black memory card. My playstation recognizes the cards until I put in a game. I start the game and they all say "no memory card found. do you want to continue?" please tell me what's going on here. There's really no point in playing the thing if I can't save anything.

    I thought that maybe the memory cards were full so I went into the blank black card and deleted all of the saved games (it was full). Still wouldn't work when I started a game. The mad catz was already empty.

    Is this a problem with the PS2 or the cards??
  • What game was it you tried, Ivy? Was it a PS2 game or a PSOne game?
  • PS2 - Dynasty Warriors 5, but it's doing this to all of my games (all PS2)
  • Is that black blank card you mentioned from someone other than Sony as well? Your problem could be from using the third- party cards- they are not licensed and so may not be up to certain standards Sony has.

    I would suggest borrowing an actual Sony PS2 memory card from someone and try it- if it works you have found the problem. If it doesn't then the memory card slot is busted and needs repair.
  • I don't think it's a sony card. There is absolutely nothing written on it. A friend is bringing me a sony card so we'll see. Thanks alot for your help.