Sticking PS3 controller
  • :frown: Greetings gamers....

    I have been having problems with my controller sticking off and on since I got my PS3.

    It does it randonly, I will be firing a weapon and it won't stop, or I could be running and he won't stop when I want him to. It just depends on what I'm doing at the time..

    Anyone else have this pain??? or do I just need a new controller??

  • How's the charge in the controller when that happens? It could be a matter of getting low on juice, throwing off the signal output. I have noticed very occasional moments when the controller would seem to not respond in Ridge Racer 7, usually when having to make a series of sharp turns, but other than that no problems.
  • Howdy Lyndon!

    I have been checking the charge lately because it has been awail since I charged it but it hasn't started blinking yet... and it did start sticking with the charge being good.

    It's funny, when it does stick I am either being chased or shot at..{ I am playing Risistence: Fall of man } at the moment.

    When I returned most of my bundle package of which was eigtht games, I also gave back my other controller as well..... I should have keep it I guess.