What's a Doc to do?
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    And I'm, finally, ready to the enter the Draklor Laboratory where I'll end up fighting good ol', always in a Final Fantasy game, Cid. Except this time he's a doctor, apparently.
    I know, I've not got that far have I?
    In my defence though, I keep getting sidetracked by sidequests. I've played 70 hours and only just ready to enter the Lab. SEVENTY HOURS! God, i always end up playing like twice as long as what an FF game is advertised as taking to complete.
    But, if Square-Enix were 100% honest, they'd tell you that that is only if you go straight through the game and not doing a single side-quest.

    I tried starting that Hunters side-quest. Got told that I had to come back "when you've finished your business in Archades".
    Thought, charming, that's nice of ya. Not letting me partake in hunts 'cause I've got ..."unfinished business in Archades".I tell ya, it comes to summot when you get stopped from doing something on a game because of so called "unfinished business". Honestly!