How else can a PSP get bricked ?
  • Someone told me that his PSP simply stopped working one day. It turned out it was bricked. I asked him if he turned it off or disconnected power during an update and he said no. He just put in a disk, took it out and then put it in again at which time the PSP simply wouldn't do anything. There was absolutely no message on the screen prior to that. Is this weird or what ?
  • That does sound unusual. The only way the system should get bricked is if the power cuts out during a firmware update (in which case you're supposed to have the AC adapter plugged in anyway to prevent that from happening).

    Did your friend try opening the battery hatch and just give the battery a small nudge to make sure it's in tight? Sometimes it may come loose just enough to not give the PSP power.
  • true, I agree with lyndon m staff.
  • or mabey he had a virus either in the system or the memo stick.
  • ha ha, mabey someone switch out psp's. someone might have gave him there bricked psp and he/she has his that would suck.