My own Avatar
  • Howdy!

    I was wondering if we were able to use are own avatar's. I have a few I like and would like to use one if I can :-)


  • Just an FYI for another time, worf- the posts in this section have to be approved first, which is why this didn't appear first time despite telling you your post is up. As we get to each one we approve it then move it to the right place for answering. ;)

    You definitely can use custom avatars. Go into the User CP and to the Edit Avatar. At the bottom of the page you'll see blanks for picking a URL of an av (if you have it online) or to upload if it's on your PC. Just click the little "use custom avatar" button, go with whichever you are using and hit the Save Changes.
  • Hummmmmmmmm, Thanks for the reminder Lyndon....

    This is why I always hated school growing up. I didn't want to be there and I never listened to what I was told to do. Some things never change Lol, and I am in college right now... go figer??