how can i use internet in my psp for free

    how can i use internet in my psp first they aski me to write the webb site than for example i wrote Yahoo! then it is writen new connection then i press enter than it is writen wlan setting and under that it is written scan,enter manually, or automatic like if i go on scan it first scan than it is written ``an internal error has has occurrred (80410AOB) than if i go to enter manuallyit is written ssid and there it has a option to edit it or go forward if i go forward it comes none,wep,wpa-psk(tkip) or wpa-psk(aes) if i go on none it comes easy or custom if i go on easy it comesconection name than i write anything and if i go on custom it comes automaic,manual or PPPoE:rolleyes:
  • It is somewhat confusing if you aren't familiar with some of the terms,isn't it? Setting up your connection is actually pretty easy- just have to take your time and know where to look for some of the information.

    We have a small how- to thread stickied here that may be of help to you. Check out 'Making The Connection" up above. :)