Happy Birthday Janeybobs!!
  • Our own Jane has turned 20sumfink today

    Happy Birthday Girl

    (p.s. can I watch your DVD that I got ya?)
  • Happy B-day Jane! B) Here's a little something for you:


    Can only afford the picture right now- enjoy! :p
  • Harpy Birfday 2 U! :w00t2:

    Hope you have a soil-yourself good time.
  • Jane, now that you have hit ...ahem...mid twenties, crazy old Tiff wont be interested anymore.............. :(


    ......but there is still time to elope with me :o

    Either way happy birthday babe xxx
  • Happy birthday Jane!! Hope your birthday is the greatest day ever!!

    Be sure not to party too hardy and if you do, well I've heard a glass of cold water does the trick!;)
  • Thanx everyone

    oooooooooo rory - you me and that chocolate fountain. Tiff has to take what he can get you know - he is an old man and cant pull these young birds like he used too!!
  • Aint that the truth girl. :p

    Meet me out the back in 30 minutes - you bring the chocolate fountain and I will bring 20kg of chocolate, lots of marshmallows and strawberries and a pass key for a suite in the local 5 star hotel :rolleyes:
  • I got just one word......


  • Janeybobs! Hope your Birthday was a kicka** ocassion. If I had any money at all I would buy you and e-icecream. I got nothin' haha.

    Have a good one.
    -Your loyal cultist.
  • Happy birth day jane, dont have to much fun!!
  • Happy belated birthday, home skillet!
  • Happy birthday Janeybobs
    where ever you are your ready to go now...