gamerscore ????????
  • Will the PS3 have a gamerscore feature similar to the xbox 360. Or is there even an acheivement feature that displays on your profile, as i think both are a brilliant idea.
  • Well, Sony has stated in the past that they will not have a gamerscore system for the PS3, as they are trying to be different from their competitors. The way they are going to do this differently is that there will be "Virtual Awards" that will be in a showroom that you can visit in PS3 HOME (Home is going to be much like Second Life for PS3 owners). All of your friends will be able to see your awards from your own games. The awards will be 3D animated somehow, so that's different, to say the least.

    Also, some games, like Resistance: Fall of Man feature rankings and rewards that are just for the game itself, if you play it online.

    So, in other words, PS3 is doing something different than the unified, gamerscore system of the XBOX 360.
  • A gamerscore can be somewhat misleading as to a person's skill- sure, he may have 12,000 points but you don't see where he got them. You may be playing him in a shooter and thinking "oh crap" when he may have got most of that playing sports games. Personally, I don't like it.

    I prefer Sony's approach with rankings in just that game. It would be nice to see some sort of achievement- like bonuses put into each game. Maybe with the launch of PlayStation home we will see more of that sort of thing for the trophy rooms.
  • thanks for the help, i think its great that sony is doing something different to the xbox.