ps2 slim no picture or sound
  • I have a ps2 slim. It has no picture or sound. The onscreen display on my tv disapears like it normamlly does when the game starts to load. the green light is on and the disc spins. everything sounds mechanically normal, just no sound or picture. I have extra cables and tried to no avail. could it be a dirty lens? any suggestions?
  • The normal screen when no game is playing comes up but you get nothing when a game is put in? It sounds like the system is definitely having troubles reading the discs- you could try cleaning the lens using a very gentle touch with a q-tip or use a DVD lens cleaning kit.
  • I don't get any type of picture related to the playstation. My television just reacts as if the game is going to show up on the screen and the screen remains black or blank.
  • I do have a spare ps2 slim that has a dead control port. I thought about combining the two somehow to make one good one. If I cannot get this one to work, what parts should I swap over to this unit?
  • No picture at all even with no game in? That would be a problem with the laser itself.

    If you are handy enough with that sort of thing you probably could take the control port off of that one and replace the busted port.