Trouble signing into Playstation Network
  • I have a PS3 and a Linksys-G wireless connection. The connection is working and I have conducted a connection test. I am able to begin signing onto the Playstation Network or updating my firmware, but after a couple minutes, I get an error message that the server cannot be reached. Thanks in advance for your help!
  • How far away is the PS3 from where the router is located? Different accounts I have been hearing suggest the wireless card inside the PS3 is a bit lacking in quality- also, wireless G is more prone to some signal blockage. if there are too many walls between it and the router this may be part of the problem.

    You may want to try hooking up with an ethernet cable or, if that isn't possible, download the update on the PC and install it via a flash drive or memory card. I put a zip file of the latest update in our free PS3 downloads section for just this sort of thing.
  • Thanks for the quick reply!:D

    I have been using my PC for updates. I am running 1.54.

    An ethernet connection is not possible, nor is moving the router closer. Regardless, why can I connect to the internet, but can't use Sony's server for very long? I can begin the login process for Playstation Network or begin the process for a System Update, but it poops out after a couple minutes.
  • It might be a problem at their end, actually- sometimes the servers get overloaded, making it harder for more to get what they are looking for.

    You may also want to check settings on the router itself- maybe you have the firewall running and it is blocking the incoming info from PSN.
  • I am running a Linksys - G w/speedbooster router. I have no firewall setup. It alows open access.

    I have this router connected by an ethernet cable to one of the LAN connections of a Netopia router from my work that does have a firewall. Could this be my problem?

    I thought that the Linksys router would operate independent of the Netopia in regards to firewall blockage
  • That would do it- the firewall on the other router would be blocking it. Would you be able to poke a hole in it for the traffic?
  • How could I do that?
  • If you have access to that router's settings you could open a port to allow the PS3 traffic through the firewall. If you don't have this access or work won't allow it you will probably have to find a new way to connect.
  • How about if I FIRST connect my personal Linksys router THEN connect the Netopia router from my work into one of the Linksys LAN connections by ethernet?

    Would that work?

    Would my work connection still be secure?

    Thanks again for your insight and tech support
  • That should work- your connection to the PS3 would no longer be impeded by the netopia router's firewall while your work- related computers would still be protected by it.
  • :D Thanks!

    I'm going to sign off and give it a try!
  • :( No Good

    My Netopia (Work) router only allows for a standard telephone input, while my personal Linksys router will allow input from either phone or ethernet cable.

    I canont change the settings for my work router. I work for a large corporation and don't have admin status to modify my router.

    any other ideas to get my PS3 connected and running?:huh:
  • Without being able to change settings on that router, no. Only other thing I could suggest is if you plan on going online with the PS3 disconnect the Netopia completely and just use your Linksys router. I'm guessing, however, this likely isn't an option?
  • it is a great idea for troubleshooting if nothing else. Thanks for pointing out the obvious that I am too close to see! ;)

    I can't believe that I didn't think to try removing the obstacle to see if it works!

    I'll give it a try! Thanks
  • One thing I should mention is you may have to redo some settings on both that router and the PS3 to get things working (ISP username and password, default router, server settings, etc.)
  • i have connected my ps3 to a netopia internet box using the ethernet cable supplied with the ps3, but everytime i try to sign up for playstation network it says:An Ethernet cable is not connected, :confused:
  • Sounds like the internet signal isn't getting from the Netopia to your PS3, Dave. You may want to try using a router to share the connection between your PC and the PS3.