Online but cannot play!
  • I am from the UK and was having problems playing online! I set up a US address and had to enter my IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Router and DNS manually (where I got the information from my PC as told from another website). I am now able to go online in the store and everything! I try playing a game (F1 Championship Edition) and get the following message:

    an error has occured, please ensure that your disc is correctly inserted and check your network connections.

    I have checked both and they are right, and even when I press X do disconnect i am still connected to the router and the Playstation Network! I just do not understand why it won't let me play!
  • Does your router have a firewall in place? If so you may have to go into Port Forwarding in the router settings and open certain ports to allow the online game traffic through. It should say in the instruction book which ports it should be.
  • OK thanks for that! I have tried to get in to my router settings but cannot figure out the username and password! I've tried admin but this doesn't seem to be working!
  • Are you putting it in the right blank? Some routers look for it in the username blank while others have it in the password.
  • Yes i've tried both! It doesn't work in either!
  • Looks like someone may have changed it then. There is a way to retrieve your pass in situations like this- you'll have to check the user manual on the CD with the router or contact the tech support of that router.
  • Thanks for that, and I have done this!

    My other two games work fine online but I am still having problems with F1!

    I have a Japanese version of the console and my other two games are also Japanese games, but the F1 is an American version! Could this be the reason why I cannot get online and play on it?

    Yesterday I did manage to play online on F1 on 2 different occasions! But what I had to do was play one or both of my other games online before I put F1 in. I tried the same again today but F1 does not work online! It is really weird and may be to do with the game, the codes on the game, or the disc!

    Can you help me figure this out please?
  • The PSN name you are using right now, what country did you set that as? This is strictly a guess but it may be because of the servers being regional. If the name isn't base in North America maybe the online is mucking up. Again, this is just a guess. Have you tried setting up a second account using a fake US address and use that name on there?
  • The PSN name I am using right now is a U.S address. My router is set to europe, and I cannot change this setting if that helps. I have not tried using a second one because the one I have already is a fake U.S address, so what difference would a second one make?

    So could this mean that I may/should not have these problems when the console and PSN works in the UK (3/23/07)? And this does not explain why I was able to get on and play yesterday?

    Thanks you have been of great help!
  • The ID bit was a theory regarding the online play- wasn't sure as to how they go about the regional settings. It was an idea i had in case you had your ID set for someplace other than North America.

    The problems may just stem from problems in your ISP or even just the servers for online play in the game itself. Quite a few factors to think of. Your best bet may be to give it a shot once the PSN servers get up and running next week.
  • OK thanks a lot mate!