Harry Potter / Chamber of Secrets
  • When looking for Ginny, can someone please tell us how to defeat the washing machine to unlock the gate, after we go past the bees?
  • First off, Hi and welcome to our little community.

    Now for an answer to your question. Well, I'll try to answer it anyway.
    Could you provide a little bit more info as to where in the game you are?

    If it is the Washing Machine right at the beginning of the game then it's just a case of waiting until the Washing Machine opens it's door then firring a Flipendo spell straight into the open washing machine door.
    It's easier if you target the washer with er whatever the target button, I forget now. Can't remember if it's R1 or what. Anyway, whatever the target button is, keep it pressed and then just move from side-to-side, like the Weasel twins tell you and then just wait until it opens its door and then Flipendo it, ok?

    I hope that helps.
    I'm not totally sure if that's the one you mean though as I don't remember you meeting Ginny at all at the beginning of the game.

    If it's a different Washing Machine, later in the game, then I haven't played the game that far.

    If it is the wrong part of the game I helped with, then a little more info would be greatly appreicated and we'll try to help further, ok?

    Site Squad
  • Hi Jay

    I am totally new to Playstation. But as a Nanna it is my sworn duty to learn how to play, given that I failed dismally in Mario Cart as a Mum years ago. I think you have given me a great answer. No we haven't met Ginny yet, I think the chapter is a search for her. I will put your tip to the test, it sounds absolutely correct and I think I just need to learn more control of the game. Thanks heaps. Will let you know how we go. Regards Leanne