A Date Worthy of Mentioning
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    The boy and I went out on a date tonight. I spent an hour and a half prettying myself up for him and it worked. He loved the way I looked.And more importantly, I felt gorgeous.I suppose it's just one of those female phnomenons. I have always been told I'm pretty, but being told you are and actually believing it are two completely different things in a women's mind.Tonight was one of those nights which I believed I was pretty and was encouraged to know everyone else thought so as well.
  • Melinda S STAFF said:
    ...Three Great Years!:)

    ...Minus a few "blips".
    The again, what's a few blips in an otherwise great 3 years?
    Glad you had a good time.

    Oh, btw, any pics to show yourself off? If so, make sure you update your profile with them. Give us guys, who aren't lucky enough to have someone great like you around, summot to look at ;)

    Now don't go disappointing your fans, Mel!