HELP Behemoth king he's BIG he's STRONG he's SCARRRRRRRRY!!!!!!
  • this guy is mad hard and the book does not help at all plus i don't want to face him again because he was so hard to make come out. please desperate for help anybody!!!!!!!
  • Maybe I'm wrong, and the game is called "Behemoth king", but I think I speak for most of the people on this forum when I say that I have no idea what game you are talking about. ;)

    It would be helpful if we knew that.
  • It's Final Fantasy XII, I believe. Good tip however- always put the game title in the thread title. ;)

    Use Protect, Shell, Haste, Bravery and Bubble on your characters- use Dispel on King to start the attack. Equip Black/ White Mask before the darkya and Holy magic attacks hit you for an extra bit of healing. Use Haste to cancel out the Slow spell when used on you. Keep your characters spread around so that if Stop is used they can't all be hit at once.

    When King is down to half his HP he will switch between Paling and Magic Shield. When Paling is used he will take more damage- use Flare or other strong attacks to eventually whittle him down.