I am getting a ps2
  • hi all ps2 people i am getting a ps2 on the 15th but not gouing to be able to play it till the 16th cuz is haveing a b-day well any ways is there any thing i need to buy for the ps2 or any thing like that thanks
  • [b]A Memory Card!!!!!

  • Tiff about summed it up. Having a memory card is important. An extra wouldn't be to bad either if you like to bring your teams over to your friends house or whatever. Also another nifty thing I like...Extension Cables for your controllers. There about the same cost as a memory card and put an extra 6' onto your controller. A handy thing to have if your favorite chair is not close enough to your PS2. But whatever you get just have fun.

    Ryoga :wave:
  • ok thanks for all of the help on what i nees to get p.s. if any one can think of any thing else i need be and dont say game's lol couse i am getting those two now off to wait on the 15th so i can get my ps2 :read:
  • Only other thing I can think of would be an exta controller for when you do have friends over.
  • to all the people that has helped me pick out stuff for when i get my ps2 you get $5.50 lol j/k well thanks every one p.s. i have two controllers on my psx can thay be uesd on ps2???
  • They can but some of the games that use the analog buttons will not play as well.Keep your PSOne controllers as an emergency backup and get another PS2 controller.
  • Must say I dont seem to pick up any difference with my old controlers, so I would sugest you only get a second PS2 controler when you have the spare spare cash.

    Besides if you are playing against someone, dont let them know and you might have an unfare advantage, he he !
  • Mikey.. congrats on joining the club. I have to defiantly agree with tiff71. A memory card is a much needed item.
    I had to wait 3 week till I got my card, Sony was on back order. So I ended up buying a 3rd party card., which is working great.
    If you do end up buying a 3rd party memory card. My recommendation is to stay away from any ones that provide a CD to launch a memory manager, which allows you to save game info at a higher compression.
    I have not heard any negative reports on this, I just don
  • And if you like to watch DVDs youd better buy the region X cd that will let you look at DVDs from othe areas.

    PS.The Region X cd is not like a mod chip,module or any other boot cd. its totally legitimate.
  • I would also get the sony ps2 DVD remote if you can afford it. It is a really great remote, and it has a driver update, and lots more functions than the dvd player has without the update.
  • ok i will get a dvd remote for my ps2 couse from what all you are tellingg me ok i need one thanks :holidays2:
  • i'd say lots of dvd's games a emote control for the playstation so you dont have to use the control when watching a movie and game shark just incase you want o skip the boring stuff in any particular game!! :D
  • oooooo yeah i forgot about the gameshark but i dont need my ps2 to watch dvd we are ready have 3 dvd players buti will get a remote any ways hehehe i just hope i can get my ps2,one game,a mamorycard,a 2nd controller,a dvd remote,a gameshark,and a ps2 in pargtree lol made that last part up lol just like a blond lol hehehe hahaha hohoho ??? :thumbsup:
  • hi guys i am getting my ps2 today well wish me luck on my ps2
  • When you're dvd's a nice controller would do it. I think the price ranges from 15 to 20 bucks. :thumbsup: