FFX international question
  • will this game able to play in my PS3 that was bought in japan?
    coz i tried my friends PS2 english games but none of them worked
    i researched bout it and i found that its becoz of the country code that Japanese PS3 can play only Jap PS2 games.

    am i right with this?

    well back to my question
    will that be possible?
  • If it is the Japanese version of FFX then yes, it will work in the Japanese PS3.

    This is one of the reasons Sony was so against early imports of the PS3- users will find they won't get all the functionality of the system due to region coding on PS2 games, PSOne games, DVDs and Blu-Ray movies. All of these still have region coding in full effect.
  • oh
    im plannig to buy a FFX international hoping i could play it in my PS3
    how could i enjoy the game if dont know how to understand japanese
    that sucks!
    for now ill just try to master the moves of Akira Yuki in my VF5

    thank you sir