PS1 on PS2 problems
  • bought a short while ago a ps2 (the newest slimline version). I connect it to a tv card (which should work like a normal tv, but i have to use composite connections though). after playing a bunch of games (which all worked perfectly) i decided to try Final Fantasy 7.... it works somewhat, but it flickers and i only see the top half of the screen on the bottom half of the monitor... the top half of the monitor is just black... i have tried other PS1 games with the same result. it works on tv... so what changes when it switches to ps1 mode? i mean, PS2 works, Wii works, Gamecube works, but ps1 doesnt? whats different? even the PS1 symbol at the beginning when it starts up the game it looks right. the rest (sound and gameplay) works perfectly though
  • I am currently having some problems, i will first list the equipment i am using

    PS2 Slim version (7000) series
    PS1 memory card (8mb)
    PS1 GameShark v4.0
    Gundam Battle Assualt 2 (mint condition)

    Heres whats happening, i am currently trying to use Gameshark to unlock some characters from this game, i already have the codes so thats not the problem. The issue i am having is that this game does not want to load completely after the disk swap. After i swap the gameshark out and load the game it only loads the intro video and does not allow me to enter the title screen even after pressing start. Ive even gone as far as to trying to start the game without codes, and still i get the same result. The strange thing is that i tried testing it out on the game preceding that one which is "Gundam Battle Assualt" and this game works perfectly in harmony with the Gameshark.

    What should i do???
  • Crrash, the problem may be in the video card itself- something there does not seem to want to work when you try the PSOne games in your PS2.

    Icy, your problem may be in the game disc. If it is scratched up or dirty on the back the PS2 may not be able to read the data it needs.
  • wow this was a loooong time ago.
    anyways on my problem: its not the tv card. Its weird. some TV card programs don't have any problem displaying PS1 games. So i basically have to choose one program to play games in 60hz and another one to play PS1 games. works so far.