• can you please help me. me playstation 2 plays dvds, playstation1 games. but can not read playstation2 games. bought it off ebay for 4 yr old nephew who hasn't even played it!!!. browser says no data. there were three corrupt files on memory card only one would delete. seller said everything worked perfectly. not trying to get you involved just giving all the facts, might help. really would rather fix it and keep it.
    it says no data after it trys to read the game,
    please help me:confused:
  • It's possible the lenses inside the PS2 may have been jarred out of alignment slightly during shipping, leading to the problems reading discs. There are instructions kicking around on some web sites showing how to realign the lens- however, they require taking the system apart a bit so i only recommend this as a very last resort.

    Then again, seeing as it does read the DVD movies the problem may be in the PS2 discs themselves. Check the bottoms of the discs, holding them at an angle, to see if there are any scratches or dirt on them. If you or your son know of someone else with a PS2 you could try the games on their system as well as maybe borrow a game to make sure the problem isn't the PS2.
  • i tried a brand new game wouldn't play, it says no data- that's what it says in browser also-no data it does however play playstation1 games. but isnot reading playstation2 games i find this odd
    thank you for your repply
  • If they are brand new games then the problem is definitely in the lens on the PS2.You have th choice of contacting Sony to see about repairs (which will cost some money), have someone local fix it (again, will likely cost) or looking up how to realign the lens on the web and attempt it yourself.