• hi all i just got a ps2 like three days ago and i got me a game called burnout and i need some help on how to unlock all the cars on it i got all the tracks unlocked but no cars can someone help me
  • hey never mind guys i figured it out i have to look in special and i can race for cars there well if any one finds any thing else out drop me a line or two
  • how good is this game? im thinking of buying it but not too sure what it is like.
  • the game is pretty kool it's just like ridge racer type 4 i will send you a pix of my car as i ran under a truck i will tell you what happen i was in first ( i alawys am in first for some reson lol)i was raceing along and i was gouing to pass this truch on the right as i do it gets closer and closer and there is this big arrow that wount let me pass it so i get cought up under him and go flying in the air and smash the top in on my viper
  • the game is lots of fun after u get good at it. only thing that makes me mad is that the game doesnt have many cars and the tracks are all the same they are just backwards and crap like that... :mad:

    all in all tho, the game gets better over time