Is my PS3 Controller already broke?
  • When I hit the "Start" button in the center of my controller to turn the system on, the system does not come on, but instead the controller blinks for a long period of time.

    When the system is on, and I try to use the controller, it will not work unless I plug it into the charging cord. Then it works fine. Unplugged, it just blinks when I try and use it.

    I have pressed the reset button on the back of the controller, but it did not do anything.

    I really need help with this one. I hope I don't have a broken controller. It's not like I've been rough with it or anything.

    EDIT: After re-linking my ps3 controller to the system 30 times, the blinking lights finally stopped. I can now play wirelessly again. That's frustrating. So, no help needed, you can delete this thread, I suppose.
  • hi, i think your problem is that you havnt charged your controler fully.
    if you leave it plugged in for about an hour the red light should stop flashing and that indicates the controller is fully charged. you should then be able to play wireless. Cheers