Something wrong with my ps3 or my router?
  • I bought my ps3 recently and I have been trying to get online for weeks. I use wireless connection and it connects fine (for about 4 seconds)and then it says disconnected from network. It keeps saying that and i cant seem to find the problem:( Every couple of seconds it just keeps repeating itself. I've managed to actually go to a page briefly before it says that again. Can anyone help me out?
  • The problem is in the router settings- go in there and set up a custom IP address for the PS3in the DHCP section. You will need the PS3's MAC Address, which you can find under system info in the Settings menu on the PS3. Once you have that custom IP address made go into the PS3's network settings and add in the IP address. If you didn't before also put in the router IP, subnet mask and DNS servers.
  • I actually typed the message wrong sorry:rolleyes: it says "you have been disconnected from the access point" every two seconds or something. what does that mean? please help me! i want to play online now
  • Same thing still applies- settings on both the router and the PS3 are making communication between the router and the PS3 impossible. Your wireless router is the access point the PS3 is talking about.

    As I said before, go into the router settings and set up an Ip address to be assigned to the PS3 every time it wants to go online and then add that IP address to the connection settings on the PS3.
  • ok i see my ps3 in the dhcp clients table does that mean its done because im still getting disconnected from access point
  • If it is there already you are halfway there. You should go into the PS3's network settings and add in the information I mentioned to the connection file. Tell the PS3 the IP address it will have, which you set up in DHCP, as well as adding in the other settings i mentioned (all of which can be found in the router status). Save it and this should hopefully cut out the disconnects.
  • ok ive added all the information the ip address, primary and secondary dns server, default gateway. It still says disconnected from access point. Would it be because of the sony server or is it my router...
  • This has nothing to do with Sony's servers, it's the communication (or lack thereof) between the router and the PS3.

    How far away is the router from the PS3? Would you be running any encryption on the router?
  • Its very close as the signal strength is %80+ but isnt close enough to use cable. What is an encryption?
  • If you don't know what it is chances are it's turned off anyway. Encryption scrambles the signal from your router so that only devices with the right key or password can actually get online through your router.

    80% should be fine but it seems the wifi card in the PS3 is somewhat lacking in quality, judging by other posts I've found around the web. How close is "very close"? In the next room, in the room downstairs ?
  • the ps3 is just behind the wall from the router. PS. Do you have msn? its probly more convenient.
  • Yes i do have MSN- just click the logo for it along the top of my post over in the top right corner.

    Using an ethernet cable would easily be possible if you don't mind having a small hole through the wall or run it under the floor where it would be less noticeable.