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    I've been sick all day. I've not thrown up but the side effects of the meds I've been taking for that dog bite are killing me. Stomach cramps, nausea...and I nearly vomited. blegh!! Not fun at all. Anyway, since I can type again now I would just like to let you know all know about the attack. Saturday morning I went to work as usual. Nothing too bad about the day. It was a morning shift so I was relatively happy because the morning shift is the easiest shift of the three shifts available. So I was first to clock in and decided that I had better get the walks started lest we wouldn't get done before time to load Doggie Day Camp (the supervised group play time for dogs). So the first dog I go to, an akita mix named Hershey whom has caused a little bit of trouble as far as growling and such is concerned. So I grabbed his leash and started to put it on him since he does not appreciate the lead being put on him. (he becomes aggressive). Well I tried to put the collar on and it was too small. So I pulled back and tried to hook it on again and next thing I know, I'm on the ground with this dog trying to bite me in the face. I immediately shoved my hands up and gaurded my face and screamed to high heaven hoping someone would hear. My supervisor stepped in immediately and gave the dog enough window for me to scramble to the kitchen and try to see what had happened as far as battle wounds are concerned.