Land Ahoy! The Comeback!
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    Well, Well. First of all, I am absolutetly amazed. The whole site is much different than I last saw it, and to be honest, it's looking helluva great. Secondly, I seriously have to apologise for randomly disappearing some time after A-P got up and working again. Problem was: exams. Well, I was having school exams at that moment and decided to focus a bit more on my studies than putting my whole attention on the internet. Well, things didn't turn out to be in my favor.. (I guess me and the 'Law' don't go along with each other) At least I'm repeating those exams now around June and if I'm lucky it's university for me. Hooray!
  • sorry about the exams massaki!!
    Exams didn't work out in my favor either. I'm at a totally different school now cuz I couldn't keep my grades up.
  • Glad to have ya back!! APi has definatly changed a lot in the last year, especially the main site (kudos to Jim). BTW, this is SpeedDemon.