• I have a problem with my PSP.I have installed version 3.03OE-C to my PSP and I saved an application DEV HOOK LAUNCHER to my memory stick duo. Then, when I ran the application, my PSP's screen turned black and got off. Everytime I turn on my PSP, the screen always turns reddish and a message in different languages appears "a serious error has occured". Is there any way to repair my PSP? tHANK YOU.
  • This is one of the reasons we do not endorse the use of homebrew on the system- some of it can be a bit questionable in coding quality or even in honesty about what it is supposed to be.

    You could try taking the memory stick out and turn on the PSP- maybe not having the program file in there will let you start up properly. I would advise removing that from your memory stick as soon as possible on the PC.

    If that doesn't work your PSP is toast and you will have no choice but to get another one. You could try contacting Sony if you are still under the one year warranty for a replacement, just don't mention how things got the way they did.
  • try using recovery menu.just hold up the power switch until it shuts off.then (while powering back on hold the L1 key) (at the same time) or you can just try taking the batterie umd and the memo stick and put batterie back in and power up. make sure you take the batterie out to.plug in the charger to.