Resident Evil Code Veronica X
  • I have gotten to the point where I have become Claire again and I get this crystal ball with a pass card in it.
  • This bit took me a couple of tries as well! From what i can remember (its been a while). After you have selected yes to turn the handle and have received the ball, the giant slab (that crushes you) will be very sensitive to your movement and if you try to walk underneath it straight away - it will be too quick and crush you straight away.

    What you need to do is run under the slab (i always run from the left to the right - into the cell thingy. If you run without stopping, you will avoid the slab hitting you. Quickly turn around and move directly underneath the slab as it is lifting back up, stop, press start to bring up the menu and select the crystal ball to USE. If you are standing directly under the slab, you will have placed the ball on the floor (get ready to move as soon as you get back to the action from the menu screen). You then move quickly from underneath and the slab will fall, breaking the ball (enabling you to get the security card) and you will have escaped death!!

    The secret is only try to place the ball when the slab is rising i.e. you have already triggered the trap once - as it has to rise before it can drop again - this gives you the precious second or 2 you need to place the ball and move away safely.

  • Thank you sooooo much.
  • Okay, what is up with the mutated lady and all her little creatures she keeps throwing at me!?
  • Don't worry about the little creature things that come out, just concentrate on her. The main thing is to dodge the big tentacle. I'm not sure how good the AK will be, I beat her w/grenade rounds.
    The detemining factor in getting