wireless help please
  • i've seen similar stuff to this on here before but got no real answers. when setting up wireless internet on my ps3 and performing the connection test, it finds the IP address but then says "An error occured while resolving the name with the server (80710102)". Any help on how to get around this would be much appreciated
  • The solutions given in some of the other threads should fix things up for you. Setting uop a specific IP address on the router and then setting the PS3 connection manually seems to offer the smoothest connection. You are getting that error because of a setting not being correct.
  • what would I have to do with the router? (and how?) Sorry I'm not very good with this kinda thing
  • I gave a pretty detailed explanation to b00ker, who is having similar trouble. Check out that thread, currently sitting just below this one.
  • I can't seem to find the DHCP settings for my router. The only thing I can find about the router is that it's a NETGEAR WPN111 and all there is that I can see is a wizard :S
  • Haz, that isn't a router, it is a wireless adapter for allowing the device it is plugged into go online wirelessly. You won't be able to get your PS3 online using that as the PS3 won't recognize a connection through the USB port. You will need an actual wireless router such as the Linksys WRT54G.