One bad day in life
  • i was on my way to work as my fan belt decided to shred into pieces, so i had to be late for work and as i was puttin my belt back on and broke the fuel return line, no biggie just plugged it, well thats not the bad part, i usual get some psp time in before i go to bed, and as i turn my psp on the screen is shattered, had for a little over two years, i previously dropped it in transmision fliud so it had a shadow on the screen, but now there is NO screen, andi figured well i guess its time to get a new one at leat the price has dropped a tad, so i went to play some lunr on the sega cd, and lowbehold, it WILL NOT work either, thats the second one man i already got one in my closet that dont work, now what am i gonna do buy one off of ebay for $50??, have any of you guys had and bad days like this?? doesn't it almost make you want to cry??
  • First off, sorry about all the bummer incidents you had today sombulus! It does certainly put a big damper on your day when nothing seems to go right at all.:(

    I had a day like this recently. The circumstances were a lot different, but it was still a day where bad thing after bad thing happened and in the end I just wanted to curl up and cry.

    On Monday I was early for work and I got there and felt sick. I figured I'd stick it out since I'd be in the money after this week. So I went to work and had to take my meds, which wasn't all that bad, except the side effects caused massive stomach cramps. So I couldn't stand up a lot of the time. Then I figured when I went on my lunch I would get some reading done for my English class. I opened the book and during my lunch who comes by? My manager asking me about a dog attack that had happened over the weekend. So I didn't get any reading done.:( Which consequently made me not be able to get my essay done later. That wouldn't have been so bad, but then I found out the dog that had scared the living daylights out of me and chewed up my fingers really bad was going to be able to come back to my workplace and I just wanted to curl up and cry right there.

    I came home that afternoon and just went straight for bed and cried.
    When I was done crying I went to sleep and woke up 12 hours later feeling a little bit better.

    Days like that shouldn't happen. It's hard enough sometimes to deal with one bad thing in one day..let alone..4 or 5 bad things.
  • sorry bout the dog, do you work at a vetrinaries office?? ive always wanted to work with animals, dont ask how i ended up at a law firm, ive never beenable to sleep twelve hours, just not me i usualy only get about 6-7 hours in and i automaticly wake up, but i do just love to lay with no sound at all after a long hard day, on the upside, i just built myself my first pentium 4 machine, and all the parts were free! so things got i lil better.