blu ray outputs at 480p
  • please someone shed some light on this,,,ps3 bluray outputs at 1080/60fps i think it is and my tv will only accept 720p or 1080p at 24fps and will scale it too fit,but the ps3 outputs it to my tv at 480p,i try the 1080i setting and the picture is vary grainy and there is no way on this earth that that is a 1080i picture ,the games output fine and look gorgeous and any movie downloads its just the blu ray player because of not doing 24fps,,,which is what all movies are shot in which i know as i am in that industry,,have read in many forums that alot of people have this problem and heard that there is a possible patch in the pipeline,but have just this minute put the phone down too sony and they could not confirm that this option was on the table,,,
    does anyone know anything about this or are also having blu ray output problems,,
    cheers all !!!!
  • here's the thing- Blu- Ray movies do not output at 720p. They work at 480p, 1080i and 1080p. If your tv does go to 1080p as you say the movies should work at that. Go into the PS3's video output options and make sure you have the 1080p option selected. Movies are still 24 frames/ second so there should be no problem there.

    It's no surprise that the low-level tech support at the phone number doesn't know- they are given stock responses for certain situations and that is about it. they aren't in the know about things coming in the pipeline. Right now any talk about a fix is just that- talk and wishful thinking from various forum goers.