• Hi All!

    I just got my PS3 yesterday and Ive been spending all morning to get my PS3 connected to the net but with no luck:( . I have a Thrustmaster Wi-Fi USB key and my PS3 has connected to it and it comes up with the IP Adress but it will not connect to the net as it says "An error occured whilst resloving th name with the sever". What can I do?!

  • I would give up with trying to get the key to work. The PS3 was not made to actually work with those. It will only fully recognize internet connections from its own wifi or the ethernet jack on the back of the unit.

    You do have a router currently?
  • we don't have a wireless router. Just the broadband connection which is in the room next door and the PS3s wifi. The wonan at the shop where I bought the PS3 said the wifi USB key would work with no wireless router.
    Please can you suggest how I might be able to connect to the internet in some other way????

  • With all due respect, sometimes the sales person doesn't have a clue what they are on about. ;)

    Return it and get an actual router, preferably a well known brand such as Linksys. The WRT54G is a popular model and has wireless capability. The PS3's wifi card is a bit flaky, however, so it's hard to say how good a connection you would get. A wired connection is recommended for best performance.