• I can not beat challange 9c.
  • I have not yet reached that level because i seem to be stuck on challenge 4B, i cant seem to find the missing 38 things i need to break, i got every window and plate, what is missing.
  • nevermind, i found the windows, they were in the middle of the room
  • Sorry I cant really help but Im stuck on the mansion level to on normal mode. You got to challenge 9c cool. Im at 9a its hard because most of the timespllitters just stand around in the space ship so you have to go find them its hard.
  • Badboy the only thing u can do about that level is to keep running, when u meet a group of them use the launcher to save time...
    Which one is the 9c???? is it where u have to save the stones or diamonds or whatever it is????