For Everyones amusment (esp Rory)
  • Tiff had his stag do last night and came home at 1030 and he was soooo drunk he couldnt stand up!! His friend brought him back and he then shamed himself in front of all the girls i work with who were at my house for a virgin vie party!!

    After i found him passed out on the bathroom floor i had to put him to sleep on the sofa with the bucket (just in case) now he has managed to find his way back to bed!!

    Am i still sure im doing the right thing?? :p
  • Can't wait to see the state you'll be in soon.

    I was OK drinking pints of beer, it wasn't until they were giving me pints of Jack Daniels & Redbull, 2 drinks I hate soooo much, but it tasted like cola bottles

    Had to go shopping with Jane and took me ages to walk around bumping into things. Got my lost hour sleep from putting the clocks forward this afternoon & feel like crap still.

    I've got another Stag night in a few weeks time. Sticking to water! (with hops, barley etc left to mature turning the sugars to alcohol!)
  • Jane, I dont know what to make of this....i mean it was only a couple of pints and a few JDs... it wasnt that he headed out with half a dozen kepak in his stomach to start the party properly or anything??

    Sounds like our dear Mr Norman is on the farside of that peak in life and it seems to me that the descent is quite rapid! ;)

    I just hope you video'd it because i am looking forward to seing it on YouTube soon :cool:
  • must have been a good night, but now it has cost me. From cracking my head on the new toilet & blessing it I must have passed out on the bathroom floor (Jane's words) so when she opened it with a forceful BOOSH it smacked me in the side of my face & woke me up.

    Weeeeeeeeellllllll Today it has cost me at the dentist to get the entire crown replaced on my wisdom tooth from a smack in the face with a high speed door!

    I wonder what will happen next week on my other Stag Night! :o
  • I wiiiish i had videoed it - there are loads of photos of me passed out at my dads birthday (tequila!!) i really should have returned the favour!!